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Read This First :

Total Cleanse is one of the hot new diet and cleansing products in the market. According to the website, the product consist of mainly dietary fiber which helps to regulate digestive tract to keep your colon in top conditions.

Total Cleanse

Unlike a colon cleanser which focus on just detoxifying the colon, Total Cleanse is designed to detoxify the whole body. It works by totally cleanses your body and rids it of toxins.

Total Cleanse Overview

Total Cleanse is made from natural organic formula and natural ingredients. The unique cleansing process helps protect not only your colon but also other important body tissues. We all know the importance of having a dietary fiber in our diets. The colon is not the only thing that will benefits from a dietary fiber. A good dietary fiber in our diets can also help prevents or lower our heart diseases as well as diabetes.

Total Cleanse can effectively get rid of the deadly toxin and waste from various part of the body and as a result, help raise your energy levels that is required for your daily activities.

Why Use Total Cleanse?

Total Cleanse also has many other health benefits. This includes :

- Reduce or eliminate acne
- Stop gas and bloating
- Restore energy
- Remove or eliminate parasites from your body
- Promote healthy bowel movements
- Weight loss

Does Total Cleanse Work?

Total Cleanse has been developed to cleanse out the whole body of all the toxins and fat build up that it holds. People have reported weight loss and increases in energy after taking Total Cleanse. Cleansing your colon can reduce the risk of colon problem and will rid your body of harmful toxins.

Total Cleanse works well when taken with a natural colon cleanser such as Bowtrol for an effective cleanse and weight loss. By doing a colon cleanse, it primes and prepare your body for Total Cleanse by removing all the waste and toxins in the colon.

Bowtrol also contains the probiotics which replenish the body with “good bacteria” which are usually lost during a cleanse routine.

Due to the nature of the colon it’s health and balance is absolutely vital to your overall health and well being.

Total Cleanse used with Bowtrol can bring incredible results for those looking for a way to easily shed the pounds and detox the body.


Total Cleanse is one of the popular free trial colon cleanse kit in the market. The unique cleansing process helps protect not only your colon but also other important body tissues.

If you are looking for an effective body detox or weight loss program, we recommend taking a look at some of our top recommended detox products.

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