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Puranol is marketed as a colon cleanser and a weight loss product at the same time.  This product consist of 3 main parts :

- The Puranol 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanser
- The Puranol Immunity Booster
- The Triple Action Carbohydrate Blocker

Puranol Cleanse

The Puranol 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanser consists of a special blend of all-natural ingredients formulated to help rid your body of unwanted toxins and excess waste. According to their website, this product can help rid your body of unwanted toxins and excess waste in just 5 days.  The Puranol Immunity Booster that works together with the Puranol 5 Day Detoxifying Cleanser is a special blend of all-natural vitamins, herbs and minerals.  The main purpose is to help boost your immune system and promote better overall health.

The 5 Day Cleanse and Immune Booster are offered together in the starter pack.  However, the company recommended also using their Triple Action Carbohydrate Blocker as well.  The Triple Action Carbohydrate Blocker uses ingredients that naturally blocks carbohydrates from turning to fat, boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite.  The system of taking Puranol is a bit complicated.  For those who are doing it for the first time, the starter pack can also be a bit confusing.

Puranol and Weight Loss

Puranol is marketed mainly as a weight loss product that work by detoxifying the body to eliminate toxins that can be holding back proper body functionality.  Like other colon cleansing products, Puranol promises detoxification effects.  Having a toxic colon can be extremely hazardous to your health. This toxic, unhealthy build up makes it much harder for waste to make its way through your intestines and out of your exit. When your colon is filled with toxic waste build up, your body produces excess gas. When the colon is so backed up, the excess gas will not be able to pass as easily or as quickly as it should be able to. A toxic colon loaded with build up prevents the waste from passing not as easily, but also as often as it should, thus leading to constipation and thorough discomfort.

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Detoxing and cleansing program usually takes one or more months for them to work effective.  However, the makers of Puranol claims that their product will help remove all your toxins and fecal matter from your system in just 5 single days.  Based on the feedback received, this detox products that does not work at all.  The most common report found on the web about Puranol is that it does not really work in relating to weight loss. A few even reported to have actually gained weight and constipation.

If you are looking for an effective body detox or weight loss program, we recommend taking a look at some of our top recommended detox products.

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As always, if you have any doubt always contact your physician before you begin taking this product. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

Want to Start Cleansing?

If you are looking to finally start cleansing your body of harmful toxins and mcuoid plaque, the easiest and most effective way is to try out a colon cleanse program. A good colon cleansing program will help eliminate acne, get rid of candida, relieve constipation, rejuvenate your health and lose weight.

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Tell Us Your Experience With Puranol

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