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Evercleanse, like Dual Action Cleanse, is another colon cleanse product that is full of controversy.

This product is heavily advertise in radio and Internet ads.  The company that produce this claims that this colon cleansing product can help obese and overweight individuals to achieve considerable weight loss.

In the earlier version of the website, the company also make several debatable claims which is heavily discussed on various health related websites and discussion groups.  For example, the company claims that most of us are carrying around “6 to 40 pounds of waste, feces and undigested food inside our bodies”.

As pointed out on one of these websites, “40 pounds of waste, feces and undigested food” can almost fill a 5-gallon bucket.  The truth is, most people couldn’t fit a 5-gallon bucker content in the organ that is around 5 feet long to begin with.

Evercleanse also claims that the product is “100% natural”.  Also, other than obesity, the product also claims to ease certain conditions including reflux, hemorrhoids, headaches, skin problems, bad breath, constipation, poor sleep, bloating, colds, allergies, lethargy and fatigue.  Unfortunately, the ingredients used on their cleansing product as stated on their website is printed as “Patented source of soluble fiber”.  Not much information can be found regarding their ingredients used.  This makes it very difficult to verify some of these claims.

In the latest version of their website, many of these claims have since been removed but you can still see some of the original claims on one of the older version of the website here.

EverCleanse Overview

EverCleanse Detox Cleansing formula is a colon cleanse product designed to remove the built up waste and toxins in the intestines.

EverCleanse consists of the following formula :

  1. EverCleanse® Cleansing Formula
  2. EverCleanse® Replenishing Formula
  3. EverCleanse® Colon Support Formula

Evercleanse cleanse the colon in 3 steps:

  • The Clean Sweep – breaks down the accumulated waste matter, toxins and chemicals;
  • Replenish,  – replaces the bad bacteria with good ones
  • Colon Support & Maintenance – maintains the healthy colon.

EverCleanse® Cleansing Formula

This formula comprise of patented source of soluble fiber that works to cleanse the colon of waste material and potential toxins.  By getting rid of the waste weight, it claims to promote weight loss.

EverCleanse® Replenishing Formula

This formula is a combination of several different types of beneficial bacteria to provide many health-promoting activities, helping with digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The various strains of beneficial bacteria in this formula is to help support normal, healthy function.

EverCleanse® Colon Support Formula

The formula for maintaining a healthy intestinal tract through a combination of ingredients.

Ever Cleanse Detox Process

The 3-Step Ever Cleanse Detox Cleansing formula process as described on the website is as follows :

Step 1 – The first step is the actual cleanse. The program provides fiber to scrubs away at the toxins to help you back to normal bowel functioning.

Step 2 – Step two provides beneficial bacteria that aides in your digestive process. When the toxins existed in the colon, many of the beneficial bacteria were depleted as a result of that build up. This is another aid to move your body toward normal healthy functioning.

Step 3 – The third step provides on going support for the colon and beneficial bacteria plus indole-3-carinol that is found in cruciferous vegetables.  This ingredient and others in the third step formula support the function of the immune system. The large portion of the system exists in the tissue lining the gastrointestinal tract. It also aids in the healthy absorption of nutrients.

This product claims to give you reduction in weight, increased bowel function, increased energy, decreased bloating and even shinier hair and better skin and nails.

Just like any colon cleanse, EverCleanse Cleansing formula is not recommended for children. You should always consult your physician first if you have any debilitating disease or take prescription or over the counter drugs while you do the cleanse.

Does EverCleanse Has Any Side Effects?

Some of the most common reported EverCleanse side effects include dizziness, stomach pain, rapid heartbeat, bloating, constipation, bloody stools and headache.

Does EverCleanse Work?

Unfortunately, based on feedbacks and comments found on Internet forum and discussion groups, many had limited or no results from this product. It didn’t increase their frequency or volume of defecation. It had no noticeable effect on their health or bathroom habits.

Common EverCleanse Complaints

There are a lot of bad Evercleanse reviews to be found on the web.  If you do a search on forum and discussion boards, you will find these complaints can range from the lack of effectiveness of Ever Cleanse to problems getting refunds and bad customer service.

Some of the common complaints include :

  1. The product simply does not work (e.g. Didn’t lose any weight or waisteline).
  2. They will not issue refunds to unsatisfied customers
  3. The sales team aren’t affiliated with the company, (as told by a customer service rep) so they don’t support or can’t comment on what the sales centre has promised.


EverCleanse®has been heavily advertised in various media.  The program is designed to provide everything you need to cleanse, detoxify, replenish and maintain a healthy digestive system so you can look and feel better than you ever have.

Unfortunately, based on numerous feedback from online discussion board and forums, many reported the product does not work.  There has also been various complaints about their customer service.

EverCleanse® costs over $110 for a month’s supply when you include shipping into the factor. The product is very expensive – definitely one of the more costly colon cleansers.

Unlike many other colon cleansers which stated clearly on the label the ingredients used, EverCleanse® does not disclosed the ingredients used in their main cleansing product, EverCleanse® Cleansing Formula.  It is only printed there as “patented source of soluble fiber”.  Therefore, the consumers cannot really be sure what they are eating. This may have some concerns since some people may be sensitive to certain herbal products.

One has to be more careful when taking products that does not make full disclosure about their ingredients.

At this point of writing, we are not able to find any guarantee period for the purchase on Ever Cleanse website.  As such, consumers who are not happy with the products may face problems when asking for a refund.

We do not recommend Everclense at this point of time.

If you’re considering a colon cleanse, you might want to try a different cleanser.  Check out some of our top recommended cleansers such DrFloras Ultimate Kit or Bowtrol.

Want to Start Cleansing?

If you are looking to finally start cleansing your body of harmful toxins and mcuoid plaque, the easiest and most effective way is to try out a colon cleanse program. A good colon cleansing program will help eliminate acne, get rid of candida, relieve constipation, rejuvenate your health and lose weight.

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Compare Ever Cleanse With Other Top Brands
Product Psyllimax™ Guarantee
Price Anti-Parasite? Probiotics? – Total Bacteria/Serving
DrFloras Ultimate Kit Yes 365 Days $157 Yes Yes – 12 Billion
Ultimate Colon Cleanse No 60 Days $77 Yes Yes – 4 Billion
Ever Cleanse No Not mentioned** $99.95 No Yes – Not mentioned**

*Psyllimax™ is a a patented-pending special way of cutting the psyllium into specific particle size and in a specific ratio which offers a more powerful colon cleanse. This is an complicated and expensive process. For more information, read our DrFloras Ultimate Kit Reviews

**At this point of writing, the information cannot be found on the product website

Tell Us Your Experience With EverCleanse

If you have taken EverCleanse and would like to share your experience with our readers, Feel free to send your story to us. In doing so you grant permission to us to publish your story online. We reserve the right to correct minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

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