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Enuvia Internal Cleansing – Detoxification System

Enuvia Internal Cleansing - Detoxification System

Read This First :

Enuvia is an Internal Cleansing System.  Enuvia consists of a colon cleanser,  liver cleanser and a kidney cleanser.

The system is a 90-days three-part cleansing and detoxification process that allows you to clean the 3 organs for a month each.

Part 1 – Enuvia Colon Cleanser

Our colon is an essential part of the digestive system.  When it becomes blocked with waste and other toxic materials, it becomes unable to function properly.  Enuvia Colon Cleanser promotes the safe passage of matter through the colon.  This allows the body to work effectively and efficiently. Just like Blessed Herbs, one thing we do not like about Enuvia Colon Cleanser is that it contains bentonite.  We are actually a bit concern against this ingredient due to possibly toxicity.

Like many other popular colon cleansers,  Enuvia Colon Cleanser also contains Cascara Sagrada.  Therefore it is not recommended for usage longer than 1 to 2 weeks according to the PDR for Herbal Medicine.  Unfortunately Enuvia recommend using their colon cleanser for 30-days.

Part 2 – Enuvia Liver Cleanser

The Liver Cleanser is the second part of the system. It helps the liver break down fat and expels toxins from the body.

Part 3 – Enuvia Kidney Cleanse

The third part is the Kidney Cleanser. It assists the kidneys in filtering toxins.  The Kidney Cleanse contains soy protein, which is a common allergen.

Common Complaints About Enuvia

The common complaints about Enuvia on discussion groups and other websites is about bloating and constipation. Some users also complain of being allergic to some ingredients in the product.  As a precaution, we highly recommend that you print out the ingredients list and discuss it with your doctor before starting the Enuvia program.

Enuvia may not be suitable for everyone.  There are definitely many other products that works better then Enuvia.


If you are interested in doing a colon cleansing, we recommend that you check out our colon cleansing products page where we do a comparsion of various popular colon cleansers.

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