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Early Detection Of Colon Cancer Is Important

Conquering Colon Cancer -- CBS News

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric plays a major role in raising public awareness about colon cancer and early detection. She joins Harry Smith to launch a special series, Conquering Colon Cancer. ( Thanks for watching.

Signs Of Colon Cancer

Some warning signs of colon cancer include :

  1. blood in stool,
  2. diarrhea,
  3. change in bowel habits
  4. pain in abdomen or
  5. rectal area.

Not all who suffer from Colon Cancer will experience any of these symptoms.

6 Methods To Help Prevent Colon Cancer

1. Lose Weight -- Obesity is linked with a greater risk of getting colon cancer. In studies it was found that for those it occurs more frequently in people that are obese.  Therefore, have a healthy weight can greatly reduce the chance of getting this cancer.

2. Regular Screenings -Early detection with regular screening greatly brings down a person’s risk of getting the disease.

3. Age -- Allocate time for regular colon cancer screening is essential if you are over 50 since 90% of people diagnosed with this cancer is 50 years or older.

4. Healthy Diet -- Poor diet (e.g. high cholesterol) greatly increases the chance of getting colon cancer.

5. Avoid Smoking -- Cigarette is often associated with cancer. Numerous studies have shown a link between colon cancer and smoking.  Avoid smoking to reduce the chance of getting colon cancer.

6. Colon Cleanse Program -- According to many alternative medicine practitioner, regular colon cleanse can reduce the risk of cancer. This can be achieved using products such as Bowtrol.

Colon Cleanse -- Effective Against Colon Cancer?

Colon cleansing is known to offer a lot of benefits and one of them is said to be the ability to prevent colon cancer. Is colon cleansing really effective against colon cancer?

From an alternative medicine point of view, colon cleansing products such as DrFloras and Bowtrol works by cleaning up the intestinal walls.  In the process, it removes any plaque that may have built up in the mucosal lining. This effectively get rid of any harmful bacteria or toxins in the mucosal lining that is known to cause colon cancer.  Other benefits of colon cleanse is that it improves the bowel movement and thus able to reduce the danger of plaque building up again in the mucosal again.

If you are looking for an effective body detox or weight loss program, we recommend taking a look at some of our top recommended detox products.

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