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Dual-Action Cleanse Reviews

Dual Action Cleanse

Dual Action Cleanse, like Colon Flowis another ‘As Seen On TV’ product.  This is one of many colon cleansers that are on the market today and is a product that is surrounded by controversy.

There is also not much information you can find about the company that develops Dual Action Cleanse except that the colon cleanser product is developed by a man named Klee Irwin.

A search on web shows a report about Irwin receiving a warning from FDA to stop marketing a joint-pain products that combined an over-the-counter drug (acetaminophen and glucosamine)

Dual Action Cleanse Overview

Dual-Action Cleanse is a two-part colon cleansing system formulated to improve one’s elimination without causing loose stools or uncomfortable cramping.

The colon cleanse system consists of the following parts :

  • Colon Clear Formula
  • Total Body Purifier

According to their website, the Colon Clear Formula is for supporting your body’s organs.  This includes the liver and kidneys, the filtering organs that help reduce toxins.  The Total Body Purifier is for unclogging of your colon from all the toxins.  This will make you feel light and clean inside.

For maximum effectiveness, the company recommends that you also include their Maximizer Kit to the Dual Action Cleanse cleansing process.

The Maximizer Kit consists of three products :

  • Energy Burst
  • Essential Health Oil
  • Fiber Compensator

The Energy Burst consists of B-complex vitamins blended with a synergistic group of herbs, super-foods and enzymes.

The Essential Health Oil provides Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids which is crucial for brain, heart and immune health.

The Fiber Compensator contains Psyllium Husk and other natural fibers in a delicious citrus-flavored powder to support the elimination of bulky waste.

Dual Action Cleanse Side Effects

According to different posts in health forums, many people have experienced abdominal pain, painful cramps, headaches, recurring diarrhea, bloating and flu-like symptoms.

Just as when you start taking any new supplements, if you have any doubt, always contact your physician before you begin taking this product.  Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

Does Dual Action Cleanse Work?

There are many claims made by this product.  Some of them are being discussed on various websites including :

A search on various health forums also revealed many complaints about this products not working on them.

You can also find similar complaints on other websites.  At this point of writing, there are more than 250 Dual Action Cleanse complaints on InfomercialScams website alone.  (Please note that this total number also includes other complaints such as problems getting refunds).

Dual Action Cleanse Common Complaints

Other than complaints about Dual Action Cleanse not working on them and the side effects, another common complaint about this product is related to the auto-ship program.

Dual Action Cleanse cost $79.90 (for one time purchase).  This shipping and handling cost for this one time purchase is $9.95.

The company encourages you to sign up their auto-ship program to enjoy a $20 discount over $79.90, the price for one time purchase, and also free shipping.  Unfortunately, that is actually the starting of many complaints.

Many people who signed up this program reported that they were continuously charged even when they canceled the auto-shipping.  Many also reported problems getting back the refund.

A search on Better Business Bureau reveals a total of 785 complaints over the last 36 months (at this point of writing).

Other complaints include the rude customers service and overcharging of products ordered.

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Dual-Action Cleanse is a colon cleanse product that is heavily advertised on media.  However, this product has too many complaints.  Common complaints from consumers include products not working on them, the auto-ship program, refunds issues and also bad customer service.

Dual-Action Cleanse, the colon cleanse program, sells for $79.90.  To enjoy the maximum benefits, the company encourages you to purchase the Maximizer Kit which cost an additional $119.90.  If you purchase the Dual-Action Cleanse kit with the Maximizer kit together, you can get both at $129.80.

Even at that price, the cost isn’t competitive in the market of colon cleansers. If you compare the price to other top colon cleansers such as DrFloras Ultimate kit or the Ultimate Colon Cleanse where the probiotics formula and the anti-parasites formula are included as part of the colon cleanse kit,  this program is actually quite high priced for the market.

Compare Dual Action Cleanse With Other Top Brands
Product Psyllimax™ Gurantee Price Anti-Parasite? Probiotics? – Total Bacteria /Serving
DrFloras Ultimate Kit Yes 365 Days $157 Yes Yes – 12 Billion
Dual Action Cleanse No 30 Days $79.90 No No

*Psyllimax™ is a a patented-pending special way of cutting the psyllium into specific particle size and in a specific ratio which offers a more powerful colon cleanse. This is an complicated and expensive process.  For more information, read our DrFloras Ultimate Kit Reviews

Based on all these, we do not recommend this product.  For a more thorough and complete colon cleanse solutions, please check out our top recommended products :

Click Here For Reviews On DrFloras Ultimate Kit

Tell Us Your Experience WIth Dual-Action Cleanse

If you have taken Dual-Action Cleanse and would like to share your experience with our readers, Feel free to send your story to us. In doing so you grant permission to us to publish your story online. We reserve the right to correct minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

Common misspellings of Colon Flow include: duel action cleanse, dualk action cleanse, dual action ckleanse, dual cation cleanse

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