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DrFloras Colon Cleansers Reviews – DrFlora Ultimate Kit

Dr Floras Colon Cleanser

DrFloras™ Ultimate Kit is one of the top colon cleansing products in the market and is often compared to other popular colon cleansers products such as Colonix, Ultimate Colon Cleansers or Blessed Herbs.

Unlike most other colon cleansers which only contains formula for colon cleanse, DrFloras™ Ultimate Kit is make up of :

  1. DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse
  2. DrFloras™ Cleanse Support
  3. DrFloras™ Parasite Defense
  4. DrFloras™ Probiotic
  5. DrFloras™ Bowel Regulator (Optional)

The complete kit ensures not only a thorough cleanse but also provides the body a good defense against new parasites and also promotes the presence of good bacteria, both which are essential for good health.

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DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse

Dr Floras Colon Cleanser

Psyllium is a popular ingredients used in many colon cleansers including the popular brand Colonix and Ultimate Colon Cleanse.   This ingredient is popularly used to fight a variety of digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, diverticular disease and colitis and in alternative medicine, many practitioners even believe it may help in the prevention of colon cancer .

Many colon cleanse products include this ingredient in their cleanse formula and make use of its spongy properties to soak out all the heavy metals off the walls of the intestine as part of the cleanse process.  This sounds good in theory but in actual implementation, it is not so straight forward.

The human colon has many secluded areas and corners that the standard psyllium pieces cannot reach to clean out effectively.  Cutting smaller pieces of psyllium may solve this problem but this may cause the phyllium to lose its ability to scrub out heavy layers of mucoid plaque.

DrFloras™ effectively solved this using Psyllimax™, a patented-pending special way of cutting the psyllium into specific particle size and in a specific ratio.  This is an complicated and expensive process.

As far as we know, DrFloras™ is the only brand in the market with this powerful and precise formula allowing it to provide a more thorough cleanse compared to other top brands.

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DrFloras™ Cleanse Support

Dr Floras™ Cleanse Support

DrFloras™ Cleanse Support is formulated to work hand in hand with the DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse.

Taken with your meals, it helps prime your system for the colon cleanse formula you take daily, allowing the cleanser to do its job more efficiently.

As described on the DrFloras website,  “Think of it like lubricating a chain on your bicycle or putting oil in your engine. It makes everything run smoothly and work better”.

The DrFloras™ Cleanse Support also helps expel poisonous heavy metals that may have accumulated over the years from your body.  These poisonous heavy metals are normally absorbed into your body through the environment you live, the tainted food and the water you eat and drink.

Left untouched, these heavy metals inside the body may cause permanent nervous system and kidney failure.  It can also cause cancer and other heart complications if left untreated.

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DrFloras™ Parasites Defence

Dr Floras™ Parasites Defence

Although DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse system can flush most of the mucoid plaque and parasites in the body,  there will still be those strong parasites that survive, not mentioning the thousands or perhaps millions of other parasite eggs that are waiting to hatch.

This is also a major issue faced by most other colon cleansers as there is always a possibility that new parasites will surface after the cleanse program.

DrFloras solved this by providing a Parasite Defence formula.

DrFloras Parasite Defense is a premium parasite killer providing ongoing defense for the body against parasites.

DrFloras Parasite Defense is one of the best parasite defense system we found on the market so far which can cleanse your body from over 100 difference types of parasites.

Using both DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse and Parasite Defense will ensure your colon is in ultimate shape.

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DrFloras™ Probiotics

Dr Floras Probiotics

Our digestive system consist of billions of good bacteria essential called intestinal flora for digestion and for helping to fight off the bad bacterias.  Unfortunately, during any deep cleanse process, many of these good bacteria are strip away. That is the reason why DrFloras Probiotic is included as part of the overall cleansing process.

DrFloras Probiotic helps replenish these good bacteria which is lost during any deep cleanse.

One misconception about probiotics supplement is that the more different strains of bacteria that is packed into a formula, the better is the product.  Unfortunately, this is not true and often, this reduce the number of bacteria to a level that causes the probiotic to become ineffective.  In some cases, many of the bacterias are not even compatible with each other.

In DrFloras™ Probiotics, four strains of bacterias that are identified as the most beneficial and have the best ability to surivie in a highly acidic environment is used in each capsule.

For any probiotics to work properly,it is recommended to have at least 1 billion of each strain of bacteria.  During our comparsion with other top colon cleanse products, DrFloras Probiotic scores extremenely well in this area.

There is a total of 12 Billion new helpful bacteria in each Probiotic capsule which include :

  1. Bifidobacterium Lactis : 6 Billion
  2. Lactobacillus Plantarum : 2 Billion
  3. Lactobacillus Acidophilus : 2 Billion
  4. Lactobacillus Salivarius : 2 Billion
Compare Top Colon Cleansers Probiotics Formula Total Bacteria Per Serving
DrFloras™ Probiotic 12 Billion
DrNatura Flora Protect Probiotics 8 Billion
Ultimate Colon Cleanse Probiotic Formula 4 Billion
Bowtrol Lactospore Probiotic 3.6 Billion
Blessed Herbs Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ 3 Billion
DrNatura Flora Protect Jr 1.5 Billion

With 12 Billions per serving, this make it one of the highly effective probiotics supplements in the market.

Sidebar :

DrNatura Flora Protect is a component of DrNatura Toxinout Detoxification Program and not their Colonix program. If you use the Colonix program, you will have to buy their probiotic separately.

Ultimate Colon Cleanse Probiotics Formula comes free with the order of the free trial of Ultimate Colon Cleanser program.

Blessed Herbs Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ comes with Blessed Herbs Internet Cleansing Kit which include the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit. It is not part of their standard Colon Cleansing Kit.

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DrFloras™ Bowel Regulator

Dr Floras™ Bowel Regulator

If you have been suffering from constipation or not having at least one bowel movement per day, it may not be a good idea to start your colon cleanse immediately.  This is because during the cleansing, impacted fecal matter, parasites, eggs and other toxins may be loosen up and removed from the body.  Therefore it is important to ensure that the internal pipes are ready and running at full efficiency before any cleansing process.

If you have the above symptons, it is recommended to use DrFloras™ Bowel Regulator prior to the colon cleanse.  DrFloras™ Bowel Regulator is formulated to soften up and regulate your bowel movements in a matter of days.  Once this is done, then you are ready for the full cleanse.

As DrFloras™ Bowel Regulator is not required by everyone but only those with the above symptons, this product is not included as a standard component in the kit but can be added as an additional item during orders.

Can A Nursing Mother Take DrFloras?

While DrFloras is an all-natural product, we always recommend that women who are nursing speak with their physician before starting any kind of supplements.


This product comes with 365 days of unconditional money back guarantee.


DrFloras™ Ultimate Kit is definitely one of the top colon cleanse kit we have reviewed so far.  Their Psyllimax™ patented-pending way of cutting the psyllium into specific particle size and in a specific ratio allows a more thorough cleanse compared to other similar products

Together with their parasites defense and probiotic formula, it is a great way to ensure
your colon is always in ultimate shape.

The 365 days of unconditional money back guarantee is one of the longest in the industry.

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Compare Top Colon Cleansers Warranty Period Days
DrFloras™ Probiotics 365
DrNatura Colonix 60
Ultimate Colon Cleanse Probiotic Formula 60
Blessed Herbs 90

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