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Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Conquering Colon Cancer -- CBS News

Katie Couric and Chris Dinan preview tonight’s newscast, which will include and a new series “Conquering Colon Cancer,” a topic very close to the Couric family. ( . Thanks fro watching.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Colon cancer is one of the most common form of cancer in Americans.  The main purpose of the colon is the absorption of water and nutrients into our bodies and the removal of toxic wastes through regular bowel movements.  When the colon becomes impacted,  problems arise and it can no longer assimilate the nutrients the body needs.

Though we cannot change the non-modifiable colon cancer risk factors, we can alter or get rid of modifiable risk factors by altering our diet, increasing your physical activity, losing weight, or taking certain supplements or vitamins.  The risk of getting colon cancer can also be reduce by following these 6 methods to prevent colon cancer.

When colon cancer is detected early, it is the most curable form of cancer.  You should therefore go for regular screenings to make sure no polyps have developed in your colon.

Many alternative medicine practitioner believes that a good way to prevent colon cancer is to cleanse your colon regularly.  This can be done in a gentle manner with the use of oral products such as Bowtrol or DrFloras.

It is very important to do a colon cleanse every so often.  When it is done properly, it can be very safe and effective.  Some of the benefits of a colon cleanse include:

• The removal of trapped and encrusted fecal matter
• Harmful bacteria will be eliminated
• The growth of good intestinal bacteria will be encouraged
• Improved peristalsis
• There will be the expulsion of parasites as well as other harmful organisms.

Promote good colon health by getting a colon cleanse regularly and you may be able to prevent cancer.

A healthy colon may also prevent other illnesses from developing in your body.

If you are looking for an effective body detox or weight loss program, we recommend taking a look at some of our top recommended detox products.

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