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Colon Cleanse and Detox – Just a Myth?

Colon Cleansing:  The Key to Detoxification

Absolute proof that people are loaded up with toxins that fill our environments and that they don’t even realize it. A person that dies today will take longer to decompose then someone that passed away 10 years ago. Astounding! The reason, toxin build up. Researchers have measure that in some people there is up to 6 pounds of toxins in their body.

Colon Cleanse and Detox

Think of your body as a teeter totter. On the one end you have your health and on the other end sit the toxins. The more toxins that a person eats, drinks and breathes in the heavier the toxin side of the teeter totter gets, until eventually the toxins have moved their side all the way to the ground and health is up in the air. The more that the health side gets out of balance the worse you begin to feel. This can start with headaches, lower back pain, achy, fatigue and even difficulty concentrating.

When you start to experience these symptoms you have a couple options. You can wait for the paid to subside, pop a pain reliever, or try to figure out what is causing the symptoms and get rid of it. If you are looking at getting rid of the pain for good then you are going to opt to do something about the cause, not just mask the symptoms. This is where colon cleansing like weight loss colon cleanse and acai berry colon cleanse comes into play.

How Does Colon Cleanse Help for Body Detoxification?

Colon cleansing will help rid your body of the buildup of toxins and waste that are plaguing your intestinal tract. Once you do this, the immune system is refreshed and is ready to defend your body against invaders again. Sure, there are some medical professionals that are going to tell you that you don’t need to detoxify your body, it does it all on its own.

They are right, the body is designed to detoxify itself. However when it gets so overloaded and bogged down it needs help. Think of your body as you do your car. There are two things your car needs to run efficiently, first is fuel… the second is proper maintenance such as an oil change. When you don’t get the oil changed the oil gets thick… and polluted clogging up the lines and impacting how efficiently the engine runs. You wouldn’t expect your car to run forever or for it to run efficiently if you never got an oil change.

You can’t expect your body to run efficiently either. The best colon cleansers for detoxification will help the body run the way it was designed to, and the natural processes will work the right way. Think about it, the body is designed to heal itself as well… but when you get a cut you clean it out and put a bandage on it to make sure it heals quickly and doesn’t get infected.

The body is designed to eliminate waste on its own, however many people suffer from constipation that is why there are laxatives. The same holds true for the detoxification process. The body can do it on its own, however it needs a tune up now and then to make sure it works the right way.

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