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Cleanse Smart Reviews – CleanseSmart Renew Life

Cleanse Smart

CleanseSMART is a colon cleanse offered by Renew Life the Digestive Care Company. It is a gentle colon cleanse that helps to break up the impacted fecal matter in the intestines and flush it out of the system.

Because today’s diet focuses heavily on meat and processed foods, today more than ever people are poisoning themselves from toxins created inside their own body.

The toxins build up when bits of matter stick in the folds and crevices of the intestinal wall. The less fiber in the diet, the more probability that the waxy sludge builds.

The colon cleanse acts like scrubbing workers seeking out the build up and removing it. It doesn’t occur overnight in one giant explosion but layer-by-layer. Within a few days, depending on the degree of build up, you’ll notice the difference in your stomach and energy level.

Cleanse Smart 2 Part Program

The formula is a two-part program. You take the morning formula to detoxify and stimulate elimination.

In the evening CleanseSMART II to aid the body in promoting normal bowel movements. It works to bring more water to the colon so the hardened material softens and removed more easily.

CleanseSmart Ingredients

The ingredients are mild and contain no cascara sagrada bark or senna.

The ingredients in the first blend, the morning cleanse, are artichoke leaf, ashwaganda root, beet leaf root, bupleurum root, burdock root, celandine leaf, chlorella, corn silk, dandelion root, hawthorne berry, larch arabinogalactan gum, milk thistle seed, mullein leaf, red clover leaf and stem, and turmeric root.

The evening blend contains cape aloe gel, rhubarb root, tropical almond fruit, slippery elm bark, fennel seed, marshmallow root, ginger root, triphala, belleric myrobalan, and magnesium.


Cleanse Smart contains no strong or suspicious additives and is totally made of vegetable products for the vegetarian.

The mildness of the cleanse is both good and bad. It’s great for someone with a sensitive system that never had a cleanse prior. This gentle formula will not upset their system. It’s bad for anyone that wants a complete cleanse and detoxification. It has none of the power ingredients for a complete cleaning of the system.

(note : if you have sensitive system, we highly recommend Bowtrol Sensitive Digestion Formula, an effective colon cleanse system specially developed for people with sensitive digestion problems)

Because of it’s gentleness, it works to get the body back into sync so that it cleans itself and functions properly. However, that same gentleness also does not provide adequate cleansing for cases that are more difficult.

If you like to do a thorough colon cleanse, we recommend taking a look at some of our top recommended colon cleansers products such as DrFloras Ultimate Kit or Bowtrol.

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If you are looking for an effective body detox or weight loss program, we also recommend taking a look at some of our top recommended detox products.

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There may be a discrepancy on the price you pay for CleanseSmart colon cleanse. Other than Renew Life, the products are also available on various other sites.  You have to let your mouse do the walking for you as you shop the various websites for the best price if you intend to try out CleanseSmart.

Just like any product, there are restrictions. Never use a colon cleanse on a child. Don’t use it if you’re pregnant. Always consult your physician if you have any medical condition.

Tell Us Your Experience With CleanseSmart

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Common misspellings of CleanseSmart include: Cleanse Smat, ClenseSmart, Smart Clense, ClenzeSmart.

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