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Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Review

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing

Blessed Herbs is a family run business started in 1985. The company offers a vast amount of resource information through their website, including tips for healthy living. A vegetarian lifestyle is discussed and the aspects of living healthier are a main focus for this company.

BlessedHerbs Cleansing products are one of the popular brands in the cleansing products market and is often compared to other popular products such as DrFloras and Bowtrol.

The two core products from the company are the BlessedHerb Colon Cleansing Kit and Blessed Herb Internal Cleansing Kit.

The Colon Cleansing Kit™ can be used (2-4 times/year) as a stand-alone cleansing therapy or as the first step of the Complete Internal Cleansing Program™.

This section offers a review of BlessedHerbs Colon Cleanse Kit.

What The Colon Cleansing Kit Does

When you use the colon cleansing kit, the following benefits are expected:

  1. Assures Regular & Comfortable Bowel Movements
  2. Removes Old, Accumulated Waste from Your Small & Large (Colon) Intestines
  3. Rejuvenates the Digestive System
  4. Prepares You for the Internal Cleansing Kit

BlessedHerbs Colon Cleansing Kit Overview

BlessedHerbs Colon Cleansing Kit is formulated from traditional cleansing herbs known to clean up and remove the intestinal debris.  All the herbs used in the kit are organically grown or ethically wild-harvested.

There are 3 ways to do a Colon Cleansing with Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit, which are being referred as

  1. BEST OPTION (9 day program),
  2. BETTER OPTION (8 day program) and
  3. GOOD OPTION (30 day program).


The BEST OPTION requires a 5 day liquid only fast out of the 9 day program and is the recommended method of cleansing by BlessedHerbs.  However, for those who cannot go without solid food for 5 days, you can choose the BETTER OPTION or the GOOD OPTION.


In BETTER OPTION, only modified diet changes is required.  You can improve the cleanse by following a dietary chart given in their user manual.


In GOOD OPTION, the diet change is optional.  The GOOD OPTION is for those looking to increase the regularity of their bowel movements and to receive a general toning of the digestive system.

What Do You Get With The Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit?

When you purchase the BlessedHerbs colon cleansing kit, the following items are included :

  • Toxin absorber (30 packets of powder)
  • Digestive stimulator (90 vegetarian caps)
  • 1 Dosage calendar
  • 1 Shaker Jar (to mix Toxin Absorber)
  • 1 User guide

Toxin Absorber™

BlessedHerb Toxin Absorber

Toxin Absorber™ is the main formula of this cleanse kit.

The main ingredient in Toxin Absorber™ is Psyllium seed husks, Apple pectin, Ginger root OR Peppermint leaf, and Bentonite clay.

The main function of the Toxin Absorber™ is to draw the build-up off the intestinal walls and is to be taken with organic apple juice and water five times a day. The apple juice is to make the formula much easier to drink.

Sidebar :

At a glance, the formula used in BlessedHerbs Toxin Absorber™ looks very similar to DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse.  Both products uses Psyllium as one of the main ingredients.  The main difference is in DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse, Psyllium is specially processed using a patent-pending blend called Psyllimax™.

Psyllimax™ is a special process of cutting psyllium into specific particle sizes and using them in a specific ratio to one another resulting in a more potent and thorough cleanse.

For more information about Psyllimax™, check out DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse review.

BlessedHerb Shaker Jar

The Shaker Jar that comes with the cleanse kit can be used to mix the Toxin Absorber™ with juice.

The kit is available in peppermint or ginger flavor.   They are not added for their flavoring but more for the different effect on the body.

Though both will relieve digestive upsets and harmonize the formula, Ginger supports more part of the body and works slightly better at reducing uncomfortable bloat.  It also has additional general benefits for the body.  However, it is not recommended for everyone.

As a general guide, if you feel hot a lot, take Peppermint.  If you get cold easily, take Ginger. If you are not usually hot or cold, you can pick either one.

Digestive Stimulator™

BlessedHerb Toxin Absorber

In the start of any cleanse program, it is very important for one to have regular bowel movements. Digestive Stimulator™ is a natural herbal supplement formulated for this purpose.

Digestive Stimulator™ tones, cleanses, and purifies the entire digestive system to allow a smooth regular bowel movements.  This will allow the Toxin Absorber™ moving through the intestinal system smoothly.

The dosages will vary for each person to assure that one’s bowels are moving at least three times a day.


There is a 90 day satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy.


The company that Blessed Herbs comes from is a family owned and well established company and the information on their website is easily understood.  So far, we have not found any bad reviews about this company.

The Colon Cleansing Kit selling for $89.95 works solely as a colon cleanser and does not include any other formula for probiotics or anti-parasites.  Their probiotics and anti-parasites formula is only include in their Complete Cleansing Program™ which cost $275.

Considering all these, the cost of this colon cleansing kit isn’t really competitive in the market of colon cleansers and is actually quite high priced for the market.

This is unlike most other programs such as DrFloras Ultimate kit or the Bowtrol where the probiotics formula and the anti-parasites formula are included as part of the colon cleanse kit.

Furthermore, while the BlessedHerbs Colon Cleansing Kit can be used as a standalone cleansing kit, it is recommended to use it as the first step of their Complete Cleansing Program™.   If use alone without the anti-parasites or probiotics formula, we are not sure of the overall effectiveness of the cleanse.

If this is a concern to you, you may also like to check out DrFloras Colon Cleansers Reviews – DrFlora Ultimate Kit.

The formula used in BlessedHerbs Toxin Absorber™ looks very similar to DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse where Psyllium is used as one of the main ingredients for cleansing.  However, in DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse, Psyllium is specially processed using a patent-pending blend called Psyllimax™.

Psyllimax™ is a special process of cutting psyllium into specific particle sizes and using them in a specific ratio to one another resulting in a more potent and thorough cleanse.  As far as we know, this patent-pending procedure of handling psyllium is only available in DrFloras™ Colon Cleanse Products

To enjoy the full benefits of the BlessedHerbs Colon Cleansing Kit, you will need to fast and go on a special diet.  This will be a problem for people who works or travel frequently.  If this is an issue, take a look at Bowtrol instead.

The 90 day satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy though is longer than the industry standard of 60 days, is still shorter than DrFloras Cleansing Kit 365 days of unconditional money back guarantee.

If you are looking for an effective body detox or weight loss program, we recommend also taking a look at some of our top recommended detox products.

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Last Word On Consumer Health Concern – Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay is one component commonly mainly by natural and alternative health practitioners to help those suffering from constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Bentonite Clay works by aborbing and swelling when in contact with water. If Bentonite Clay is ever ingested, make sure you drink plenty of water, otherwise it can cause an obstruction in the large intestine.

Some of the concerns received are:

  • It could dry the skin out if not properly used.
  • For people with significant weight loss goals the ingredient may not be helpful.
  • Advice given by many says that it should not be taken with other nutritional supplements.
  • Since it is aluminum, there are some concerns over whether metals should be taken when you are doing an intestinal cleanse.

At this time, there are no known adverse health effects from the use of Bentonite. However, no proper research has been conducted to find out the effect of long-term use.

It is recommended before embarking on any treatment or cleansing, you should discuss it with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough to do so. The treatments that are beneficial to some people are not always a solution for everyone.

Tell Us Your Experience With Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse!

If you have taken Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse and would like to share your experience with our readers, Feel free to send your story to us. In doing so you grant permission to us to publish your story online. We reserve the right to correct minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

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